Portsmouth Forward – It’s all about smart growth

Chances are if you live in Portsmouth, you love Portsmouth – so do we. Portsmouth Forward is a resident based group focused on ensuring a prosperous future for our city.

Portsmouth Forward understands change in the world around us is inevitable. Portsmouth Forward stands to ensure that the citizenship in Portsmouth is properly heard to promote the responsible developments of our city without placing unreasonable restraints on those willing to invest in moving Portsmouth forward.

We like what Portsmouth was, we like what it is now, and we like the prospects of what it can become. But, we also realize that what we personally want isn’t always what is in the best interest of the city as a whole. That is why we have a process to review development projects. We are fortunate to have planning, zoning, and historic preservation boards full of dedicated volunteers who spend hundreds of hours reviewing projects. We’ve witnessed on countless occasions these individuals put aside their own personal feelings and make decisions that serve our long-term interests. Overall, they’ve done a great job.

We believe in needs based development projects that enhance the unique character and draw of our city. We respect our rich history but understand the importance of securing a dynamic and lively future.

If you live in Portsmouth, and want to see our city grow in a smart manner, please contact us to see how you can help.